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John Delaney  Mediator/ Arbitrator/ Special Judge

Resolving legal disputes quickly and effectively, applying empathy, energy and deep experience


Education, work and life experiences shape us and affect our ability to serve others.

On this page you will find my professional resume as well as a few details from my life experiences.

See FAQs for more.

Fee Schedule

No one likes surprises when it comes to fees.

I am committed to transparency and fairness in all processes, which is why I openly publish my fee schedule for your consideration.


Locations can affect outcomes. 

Learn where and how I work so we can create a time and place that works well for all parties.


Need to know more or have a specific question? 

Use the contact information on this page to reach out and let me know how I can help.


It is important to know all you can about the person you select to handle your case.

The information on this page covers most commonly asked questions and my answers.

Rules For Mediation

While mediation is an informal, dynamic process, certain rules do apply.

See this page to examine the rules that govern the mediation I conduct.

Ethical Guidelines In Mediations

I am committed to an ethical process in mediations.

The guidelines shown on this page govern all of my mediations.

Special Judge

The “Special Judge” statute in Texas (Chap. 151, Civil Practice and Remedies Code) is a great alternative to arbitration.

Litigators should consider using it to get a lower cost resolution of their case, while still preserving the right of appeal. 

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