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Trial By Special Judge

Has mediation failed to settle your case? 

Would you still like to consider some form of alternative dispute resolution before going down the costly path to a jury trial? 

Are you concerned about turning your client’s case over to an arbitrator (or a panel of them), knowing it’s almost impossible to overturn an unfair ruling by appeal? 

Have you been disappointed with the cost of arbitration (especially the administrative costs that sometimes apply)? 

Would you prefer a proceeding that will happen exactly when scheduled, allowing all the time necessary to present all the evidence, where the rules of evidence are enforced, there’s a record made, and the verdict is still appealable? 

Consider using the “Trial by Special Judge” procedure permitted by Chap. 151, Civil Practice and Remedies Code.

Click here to see the statute.

It affords all the legal protections you want for your client, with an outcome determined by a judge you and your opponent get to choose.  

For a full explanation of the nuts and bolts of the “trial by special judge” procedure, see this excellent article from the TEXAS BAR JOURNAL:

Click here to view the article (in PDF format) in a new tab.

Call or email me to learn more about this option, and for help with initial documentation required by the trial court.   

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